Journey of Wrestling
A wrestling booking game that's easy to pick up and play with accessible depth.
Book Anything
With over 5,000 scenarios to play and the ability to create your own, you can book anything you could imagine. Tell your stories with the help of unique Segments, Feuds and Match Finishes.
Easy To Play
An intuitive UI makes it simple to book events and the direct gameplay lets you run your promotion with ease. Browser-based and mobile-friendly, the game runs on all devices.
Fun Features
Run drafts, play the Ratings War against competitors (or your friends in local multi-player), buyout companies or trade with them, manage your staff, view deep stats and work around random events.
Latest Updates
Adds lots of small improvements and popularity balancing tweaks.
New Items Apr 17th, 2021
Adds new items including Elimination, 2/3 Falls and Special Referee Gimmick Matches, and the Re-book artifact.
Managers Apr 2nd, 2021
Add managers to your talent to boost their performance, and use them in new manager segments, feuds and match finishes.
Small improvements to the game, including accessibility features and bug fixes.
Tutorial Jan 16th, 2021
The tutorial goes over the basics of the game, teaching you the UI, how to book events and how to manage your company.
Join 40,000+ other players in bringing your fantasy booking dreams to life.
Game by Mahin | Music by Jay Man | Art by Tom